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We offer you control, instrument, isolating and medical transformers and harmonic filter reactors in LOW VOLTAGE, made in SANA. For more information, please click HERE.


  • MV Instrument Transformers under license of Pfiffner switzerland

We offer you MV instrument transformers in current and voltage made in Pfiffner. Pfiffner is a leading company in  this field that his products includes all current and voltage transformers Medium Voltage up to the 36 kV. We use the most up-to-date cast resins, oilpaper as dielectric medium. 

For more information, please click HERE.

  • Power & Distribution Transformers   ITALY

We offer you transformers in oil-immersed distribution and power transformers at 66 kV upper voltage and up to 40 MVA power, cast-resin dry type transformers at 36 kV upper voltage, up to 20 MVA power and reactors up to 40 MVAR power.

For more information, please click HERE.