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Instrument transformers

PFIFFNER is active in the field of energy distribution on a worldwide basis. As a full-service supplier of instrument transformers we manufacture special transformers for all measurement functions that are needed in low, medium and high-voltage electrical mains systems. Instrument transformers are used for making measurements in systems for the protection of the electricity mains as well as in metering for the billing of electrical power. Our products enjoy the reputation of being maintenance-free, successfully combining high levels of quality and safety and of having a long service life.
Our customers are worldwide leading suppliers in the fields of power generation, power transmission and power distribution as well as those operating substations, the energy industry in general through to manufacturers of low-voltage switchgear.
Many years of experience, comprehensive know-how, presence on international markets and a passion for the permanent further development of our products make us an effective and solution-oriented partner. With more than
80 years of experience, PFIFFNER is well prepared to face the increasing challenges placed by the energy market. W
e have had the business with Iran since many years ago and today we have many references in oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial projects.

Power and distribution transformers

These products are used  in four continents mainly Turkey, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Iraq.

Now we have a good market in Iran. This country has a lot of potential market for transformers.

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